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Joanne Baba, known as 9m88, is a Taiwanese singer living in New-York. She came to the US as a Jazz singer, and then broadened her horizons with other musical styles, such as r&b, pop and free improvisation. Her particular style is difficult to describe as it doesn't belong to any defined genre. 

9m88 is also known for interpreting her music through bright and retro visuals. 

9m88's first album "Beyond Mediocrity" was released in August 2019. Her music combines pop and neo soul, giving to this album a sweet and catchy vibe. Her lyrics adresses daily and personal stories, that she qualifies as "sweet and bitter".

Baba has some strong feminist opinions on stereotypes that she, as well as many women, has endured throughout her life. Beyond her musical signature and her immense creativity, her opinions are a reason why she stands out among other Asian female artists. With her curly hair, she seems far from the model of the "perfect" Asian woman. 

Her voice, both soft and warm, her creativity and her deep insights will make her a great artist, always growing and surprising her listeners. 

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