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A sun (in Chinese: 陽光普照) is a Taiwanese dramatic movie released in 2019, produced and co-written by Chung Mong-Hong. The movie has been nominated 11 times for the 56th Golden Horse Awards and has won the following awards: Best feature film, Best Director, Best Leading Actor (Chen Yi-Wen), Best Supporting Actor (Liu Kuan-Ting), Best film editing and Audience Choice Award.

The movie narrates the story of a Taiwanese family whose youngest son is sentenced to three years’ imprisonment after being involved in an armed assault. While the family faces difficulties in trying to overcome the situation, fate keeps hammering at them. 

 This storyline, which is exceptionally well performed, is a poignant tale of reality, only slightly romanticized, and of life’s hardships. The story is about a young kid, who has lived in his big brother A-hao’s shadow all along. A-hao is so incredible, while himself is so miserable that he grows to be rebellious. In contrast to his big brother, who studies medicine and is successful in life, A-Ho sees his life crumble down after assaulting a young man with a friend. He is sentenced to three years in juvenile prison.  

A sun is a masterpiece of Taiwanese cinema which we urge you to watch. Be careful as no one remains unscathed after such an experience.

The following phrase refers to the movie title, which fully resonates as soon as the movie ends, leaving us even more bewildered. 

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“The most fair thing in the world is the sun. Regardless of latitude, every place on Earth will receive equal spans of day and night.”

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