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The History of a young restaurant worker gets caught in a romantic tryst with a seductive Chinese deity.

Andrew Thomas Huang writes and directs this captivating short film about an ordinary restaurant worker’s extraordinary sexual awakening.

Nightly visits from the Rabbit God, who arrives in the body of a tantalizing mysterious stranger. 

“Kiss of the Rabbit God is a confession: a love letter to my queer Asian community.” - Andrew Thomas Huang 

Watch the full movie on: NOWNESS

Director: Andrew Thomas Huang 
Producer: Sara Nassim
Actors: Tu’er Shen (The Rabbit God), Tae Doo Lee
Cinematographer: Rina Yang
Designer: Stella Dang
Executive producers: Sara Greco, Natalie Difford
Collider Production 

kiss of the rabbit god: Les dernières actualités


CEO, Leader's team, head of public relations & journalist

kiss of the rabbit god: L'équipe
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