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Erang Erang is a South-Korean singer; she moved to the US at the age of thirteen, where she learned how to speak english. Primarily interested in South-Korean rap, she then turned towards East Coast and West Coast rap. She also draws her inspiration from christian and classical music. Her style is a perfect, really unique mix, which  combines hip-hop, soul and even pop.

Her first EP “Eden”, released in 2019, is clearly focused on R&B/Soul. The South-Korean rapper AP is featured on the album.

Shortly after, she signed with the label NSFW WORLD RECORDS and released “Business Talk”. With this new hip-hop song, she revealed her talents as a rapper!

Three songs will have then been released, with a much more soul and pop style, including “Chasing” and its official MV. This song and its soul vibe definitely reminds of ErangErang’s first EP.

In early January 2020, she released “Foreign Exchange”, a new song featuring Barney Bones, with hip-hop tones.

ErangErang is an artist full of surprises and able to fit into various musical styles, which makes her unique and very versatile. One thing is for sure/certain, she is not scared of taking risks.

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