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Hip Hop Playa Show, vol. 60 was held at the Westbridge venue in Hongdae, Seoul on January 19th, 2020. Tickets were issued online at 30,000 wons (approx 23€) and at the door at 40,000 wons (approx 31€). Tickets number determined the order in which the audience would come into the venue, giving early buyers the privilege of standing close to the stage. 

The show started without delay at 6pm with Junny’s performance, a young singer whose catchy r’n’b styled songs managed to seduce the audience right away. His stage presence and agile voice never disappoint. The crowd admittedly whined a little when he announced his set was finished.

Los’ performance followed. The 31 yo rapper didn’t fail to exchange words with the audience between songs, reminding them of his recently released album “Snakes in the grass”, even offering a copy to a lucky fan. The eponymous song held another surprise as his co-star Deepflow appeared on stage to perform by his side. 

MBA was next. The “Most Badass Asians” crew, formed in 2015 under Stoneship agency, gained recognition (and members) through their participation to Show Me The Money, seasons 6, 777 and 8. The close proximity with the audience was tangible and the energy emanating from the nine members felt contagious. Passion seeped through them all as the flow of rhymes escaped each member’s mouth in turns. Flyers were then handed to the crowd as a reminder of their upcoming concert in Seoul. 

BigOne (who is part of MBA) then took over for his solo performance. A lot of charm, mixed with r’n’b and hip-hop influences and you’re left wondering what’s not to like. Fans were even asked to slow down the avalanche of compliments in order for him to continue his performance. 

After a short pause, Punchnello’s energy spread directly into the crowd. The rapper can definitely claim his part in the big names despite his young age, especially after his victory on Show Me The Money, season 8. As expected from him, he rapped with passion and made the stage his own. A little slip up in lyrics had him embarrassed and apologize to the crowd, who reassured him right away and cheered even louder. 

Elo was next. His mellow beats and pristine voice were very much welcome after the previous energy draining sets. The crowd sang along in harmony, appreciating the Elo’s presence and performance. To answer a fan’s request, Elo lifted his cap to let us see his eyes before putting it back on with an embarrassed flush. 

Penomeco then made his way on stage for a dual performance with Elo of their song called “Love”. For everyone’s entertainment, both performers put on a show and displayed their mutual love with embraces and finger hearts. Just as we were about to believe it all, Elo left the stage and let Penomeco engulf us in a wave of energy and killer diction. The rapper poured his heart into his performances to the point of having to sit down between songs to regain his breath. Fans mirrored his energy in a cathartic exchange, enjoying the moment until the very last second. 

The last performer was a secret guest, but as soon as Paloalto’s name appeared on screen, the crowd cheered gleefully. As expected, his performance was flawless and worthy to stand at the top of the lineup. The crowd rapped along without fail, perpetuating the osmosis between them and the performers since the beginning of the show.

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