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What happens when fashion meets the transition from teen to adulthood? We get the dystopian view of South-Korean fashion designer Hyein Seo.


Meet Hyein who graduated from Antwerp’s prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The same academy Martin Margiela, Ann, Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten and other famous designers graduated from.

Hyein was the star of her class and generated a lot of buzz before graduating. Vfiles, an influential brand within streetwear, chose her bachelor collection to be presented during New York Fashion Week. Back in 2014, Rihanna wore a jacket from the ‘Fear Eats The Soul’ collection during a MTV Movie Awards.

She even graduated in style with ‘BAD EDUCATION’. A collection with anti-education slogans like ‘School kills’ or ‘Spoiled’ printed. It was an instant hit. The collection emphasises youth and their constant struggles with school. Despite the message, the lookbook actually looks bright and fun.

All Hyein’s collections are a true exploration of fashion, expressing the transition from teen to adulthood. This is really unique approach to empowerment. What’s even more distinguishable about her style is that it has a dystopian feel to it. We have high expectations of her and are looking forward to coming collections.

We picked some some of our favorites from her lookbooks. Be sure to check Hyein Seo out!



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