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BRWN is a South Korean rapper, you maybe heard about him after his EP «Rendezvous» who included some featuring with Eptend, oceanfromtheblue or even Basick. BRWN is back with a new album «The Black Dessert 2» and MIA had the opportunity to ask him some questions about this release:

1. Could you present yourself?
Hello nice to meet you, I'm brwn. I'm active in seoul and doing hiphop based music.

2. You released two albums and two EP in a year, how can you be able to release so much of stuff? You really work hard!
Above all, I'm happier with music. So I work all day except for sleeping and I have the habit of trying to record something. Even before I become a musician. So now It's seems like I record a lot my feelings with songs. And I think I'll make it harder for the fans who are waiting for me.

3. You just release your new album «The Black Dessert 2», can you tell me more about this?
People all think differently and live their lives in their own ways. For example, when you see the word love, some people laugh, some people cry, and some people just don't look good. As the same as this example, brwn's inner feelings are so different. And with all these feelings, I made nine different shapes and flavors of black desserts. Let's hope the nine "The Black Dessert" will reach those who need it.

4. Is there something or someone who inspired you in the writing of your new album?
All my life was inspired by my new album. My girl, family, depression, dreams and memories of the past, even the street I walked on.

5. Can you tell me more and explain about the «BIRD» song?
What the song "bird" implies: It's a song who’s made for those who follow the ideal of a dream and those who live with wounds and suffering from someone. Among the lyrics to the song, there is "if i'm flying bird", people think it's like a flying bird and hopes to spread their wings and fly high into the sky to get where their want.

6. I saw that you play guitar too, is the music always been obvious to you? Do you play an another instrument?
I can't play the guitar as brilliantly as a professional guitarist, but i'm playing the guitar for the creation of music. And I don't play other instruments very well, but I use midi program to compose and sound mix.



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