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CHANCE is a south korean band, their songs are a sweetness that invite to inner peace. Listen to their songs on a winter evening at the corner of the fireplace, a real moment of happiness. 
MIA had the opportunity to ask them some questions. 
Check it out now: 

1. Could you present yourselves ?
Hello. This is "chance", and we love intimate music.

2. Is the name "Chance" has a special meaning for you? Why did you choose this name?
Actually the name "Chance" is from ex producer who's also drummer of chance. 
We was trying to make the band name easy to remember and at that time she recommended the name "chance" everyone liked it, and we chose it. So it means there's no special meaning, but just only being easy to remember.

3. What are your biggest source of inspiration?
Most of them are from movie. 
It's like putting me into some situation of movie and then connect with my real stories. Sometimes I write a song about what I feel and what I want to speak.

4. How could you describe your style and musical influence?
I think our music fit on quite place at late night. 
We usually write a song at late night, so got infulenced from that time and that place. But we keep trying to make new one, new type. 
You can expect new style of chance in future.

5. If you had a wish to make about your musical career, what would it be?
We want to share our music beyond our country, that's why we wrote some songs in english. But first, we gotta doing well in our country. More and more performing front of lots of people. Step by step coming up the stairs. 
We're trying to focus on the present, but our dream is huge.

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