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His first EP "Inhale: 18" was released on October 22 with the MV of "Otherman feat  Herr Nayne, Sik-k". MIA had the opportunity to interview ELLES about his EP and his universe. An artist to discover now:

 1. Could you present yourself?

Hello first of all, thank you for having me to do this interview.
My name is Junseop Lee also known as ELLES.
I am a rapper and producing so many people so just call me a multiplayer.
I'm 26 years old and I'm from South Korea.
   2. When and how did you know that you wanted to make music?

Honestly , I didn’t want it , I was a trouble kid in the middle school, and I started by my father. He used to play music when I was young so I went to music high school and I was graduated. After that, I went abroad to study in California.

   3. Is there an artist that has inspired you especially to get into it?

From past and now and if it's divided into the usa and korea or into old artists,  it'll maybe a suck answer but I liked 2 pac rather than biggie (don’t see it in a negative way) , I liked west coast and east coast too. 
Currently I often listen to Post Malone.
In korea , there are only two persons: Simon Dominic , and The Quiett.
   4. Has rap always been obvious to you?
  Yes it was and so many people said “you suck at rap so do one other thing well” (by producing) but I was like “f**k you”. So I thought i’d be good at both.
   5. Congratulations on your 1st EP "Inhale: 18", can you explain the name of this one?
Thank you. It was at a bad time of the year 2018  and I thought "i’ll prepare an album called; inhale : 18". Now, I'm working on the next album and maybe I'll name it exhale 19 : sophomore jink.

   6. If you had something to say about you and your EP, what would you say?
It's just an album that I want to share with people who are having a hard time like me. 
I don’t want to be "Arthur Fleck" or either somebody else, just me lol thank you :).

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