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JUNNY is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver, Canada and recently moved to South Korea pursue his dream. MIA had the opportunity to ask him some questions:

1. Can you introduce yourself quickly?

Hi, my name is JUNNY and I’m a singer-songwriter from Vancouver, Canada.

I moved to Korea about a year ago to pursue a music career and here I am working hard to achieve my dreams.

2. Can you tell us about what first brought you to music?

I grew up listening to a lot of Korean songs because of my older brothers and as I got older I developed my own taste in music listening to a lot of pop songs. My interest pushed me to learn the guitar at an early age and eventually led me to writing my very first song when I was 14- 15 years old.

3. Has working with music always been self-evident for you?

Singing and playing the guitar was always a hobby of mine but it was after I graduated high school that I realized I wanted to make this my career because of the simple fact that I never got sick of it.

4. What is your biggest artistic influence/inspiration?

Right now at this moment I’m very inspired by the artists & musicians that I work with, and also my oldest brother who is a painter. He gives me a lot of guidance and support.

5. How would you describe your creative process?

I usually never work on a song unless I get a certain feel of direction of how the song should go. That could take minutes or days or even weeks but I just let things happen and get lost in my creative focus.

6. Your new song has been released on February 1st, what is it about?

My new track is called “AURA” and it’s about locking eyes with someone you’ve never met at a certain place and time. No conversation, no nothing, just locking eyes for a few seconds and feeling a type of way that makes you want to know who that person is. You don’t know her/his name, all you know is what the person looks like and you try and find that person on social media but it’s merely impossible. This actually happened to me in real life and I wrote this song on the night it happened so yes it’s a true story (LOL).

7. What are your personal feelings towards this song? What about the MV?

It’s definitely a different vibe from what I’ve been putting out and a Visual Film came out with the track. It’s a shortened version so make sure you listen to the full version! (Available on all streaming platforms).
I put a lot of love and care into this track so I hope you guys like it.

8. At the moment, what are your aspirations for the future? Are there any

upcoming projects which you can share with us?

2020 is an important year for me and I’m planning on releasing more music, more frequently. 2019 for me was a year of learning and developing into an artist and now that I feel like I am ready, I aspire to go as far as I can aiming for the stars... My future releases will be full of surprises so make sure you stay tuned!

9. Is there a message you’d like to share with your growing fanbase?

I know I say this often but I really can’t thank you guys enough for your love and support. Without my fans I wouldn’t be who I am, making music here in Korea and living my dreams. Thanks to you guys I get to be JUNNY and I’m going to do my very best to make you guys proud. Love you all and let’s make 2020 a very special year!


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