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Freshly signed at WAVY, a South Korean hip-hop label recognized, Khakii is a new prodigy to know. His first single called "BASS" was released last October and already gives us a good taste of its next sounds. Discover now this artist and his interview for MIA:

1. Could you present yourself ? 

My name is Khakii. I do music in Seoul, South Korea. WAVY is my Label. 
I wanna show my different taste to everyone who listen to my music.

2. Your first single "BASS" was released on 10.24 and one of the lyrics is "I don't do gimmick, I just play music", how can you describe the style of your music? 

I've loved undergound music and culture since i was high school student. I got deep affection to this culture. and I remember there was more lyrical sincerity or understanding (or love) of culture. 
But thesedays, I think many artists are thinking about the character (like some memes or funny behavior) before the music. I don't wanna blame them and I know there's a lot of advantages, but many kids and fans are influenced by them and it makes people to think that Hip-hop is just a light genre for entertainment. And most of all, think it's not unique. Everyone do similar music and this is not good for culture.
I think there are more things that music can do. Not only makes people laugh, it can make them cry, move, make them happy, and change. 

3. Will you continue to realize this style of music or do you want to work on different styles? 

I want this style of music on my base. But i have so many more different taste and I am an adventurous person, so I think I can show you guys different styles too. Keep looking forward to it!

4. (I usually ask this question in my different interviews because I think it helps to know the artist). Is there someone who inspires you to make music? 

first of all, there is my friends, my collegues in WAVY. I usually get a lot of inspiration when I have good conversation and good discussion. 
These days, I'm into movie directors and their movies... Especially, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, Stanly Kubric.

5. You talk about the "butterfly effect" in BASS, is this a theory that you like? 

Sure, and I wrote it down hoping that my little first song would create a big wave.

6. What can your fans expect for the rest of your career ?

Taste to something different, unconventional Ideas, and Love. 
Thank you and sorry for my bad english :)

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