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Marilyn Monderland is a Korean collective with three singers (Junny, Holynn and Yelloasis), two producers (Holymoley !, Brixx) and an artistic director / designer (Woogs). Their R&B musics will delight your ears if you haven't heard them yet. Discover in exclusivity their interview with MIA:

-What does Marylin Monderland mean?
The crew name “Marilyn Monderland” is inspired by the actress Marilyn Monroe as an homage to her and her distinct views she had in life.From those inspirations we wanted to move forward as a crew in our own “wonderland” hence the word “Monderland” was created.

-How could you define your musical style?
We try to pursue a style of contemporary R&B music as a base infused with western Hip-hop and R&B influences.

-Your songs are mostly in Korean, can you explain to us what are you talking about in these? 
We tend to write songs each with different subjects so it would be difficult to explain each one but to sum it all up,we mostly write about the emotions we encounter in our personal lives. Those subjects vary from love to having ambition to succeed.

-Junny and Holynn collaborated with Tobias Dray, are there any other overseas artists with whom you want to work? 
We all individually would love to work with many different artists around the world, not caring about genre or language because we believe that good music can be made anywhere.

-Your name begins to make itself known in Europe, do you hope to one day be able to perform here? If so, is there a place that makes you dream more than another?                                Of course! We would love to eventually go on tours overseas especially in Europe and North America. It would be a dream for us to even get to that point and we are willing to grow as artists to make that a reality.

-Where do you see yourselves in five years?                                                  
In 5 years, we hope that we will be heard not just in Korea but all over the world continuously making music that we enjoy.

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