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Omeow Project, who are they? MIA spoke with the project director, Vicky, to better understand who are behind these mysterious girls.

- Could you explain what «Omeow» is?
Omeow is a project formed with a purpose of making Dance Art videos. 'Omeow' means subtly profound and mysterious in Korean. Likewise, its meaning, the project intends to integrate the profound and mysterious aspects of each dancer with videos expressing our new attempts sophisticatedly. Moreover, I try to convey messages into the videos. In the near future, I want to work on branding Omeow and create trend of our style furthermore. 

- Could you introduce yourselves?
I am the leader of the dance team named ‘Mystique Boutique’ and also the director of Omeow Project by the nickname of Vicky. I love Arts and pursue to be an artist trying to materialize my imagination with my own style. 

- Your videos overflow with creativity, how and where do you find all the inspiration behind them?
Most of ideas for my conceptualizing and directing come from many parts of my life. The inspiration may come from a person, a certain situation, experience, music, movie or news. Currently, I am inspired by fashion magazines or musicians I like:)

- Your choreographies are particularly original, do you have a predefined style?
The dancers in Omeow are diverse. The team includes street dancers and contemporary dancers. Some does not even major in Dance. Hands performance is the main style of dance in the Omeow videos. We also apply Waacking, Voguing, Tutting, contemporary dance and other various dances and acting (for expressing emotions) to our work. We try to choreograph according to the concept of a video that varies and changes every time. We put effort to convey the aesthetic senses and uniqueness of Omeow in our videos.

- Is there a message, specific meaning behind this project?
We sometimes try to merge diverse aspects of each dancer and find unseen charming points of them through the process. Also, the project has its meaning that it allows the dancers to gain confidence and feel sure about their true selves just the way they are. We are happy about the fact itself that we create something together. Above all things, I wish to work with these members for a long time. Furthermore, the ideal goal of this project is to branding Omeow and integrating Omeow with different arts and contents of dance, music, make-up, fasion, magazine, exhibition, commercial and more.

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