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Planetarium Records, also known as PLT, is a South Korean label that consists of five artists: Villain, Gaho, June, Moti, Jung Jinwoo (from left to right). Following the success of their compilation albums "Planetarium case # 1" and "Planetarium case # 2" as well as their various solo hits, they've announced their first European tour in February which will take place in Moscow, Madrid , Paris, Berlin and London. MIA has had the opportunity to interview the label as part of their visit to Europe:

1. You're going to be touring Europe soon, how do you feel about it and what are your expectacions for this tour?
It feels good to have earned the “touring artist” title, but we really don’t know what to expect right now because it’s our first time performing overseas. If there happens to be any lingerie thrown onto the stage, we guess that would be a positive sign! Hahaha

2. European fans are known for being very welcoming, what do you expect from your fans in Europe?
We guess this is not an expectation but we do wonder if they would be able to sing along to our songs because most of them are in Korean.

3. Your popularity overseas is growing day by day. Have you ever thought your success would allow you to perform in another continent?
We always knew success in Korea wouldn’t be satisfying enough for us. What we have right now is definitely a positive direction headed towards success, but it is too early to be called a success just yet.

4. What's a typical day before a show like?
Other than the dry rehearsal, we try to take the day off (go to the gym to charge up, watch movies, drink with friends and sleep).

5. What's something you would like to do or see while you're in Europe?
We wanna see good places and take pics there with our record members. Also eat delicious food.

6. Your fans here are so excited to see you, do have anything you would like to say to them?
So thankful for all of you thats joining our tour. We will make good condition and have fun with you all. Love you all.

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