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Raw by Peppers is a South Korean rock band based in Berlin. From Craft and Jun label, they released their first EP album (Spaceship Out Of Bones) in 2016 and their first full album (COSMOS) in 2017. Passing through Belgium, Brussels on April 26th and Ghent on May 4th, MIA was able to ask them some questions to know them better. 

-Could you present RBP?
hey, we are three Korean boys doing what we like :)
we do basically rock, (Korean post punk we sometimes say,). three members oriented from all different genre, we like to mix our different taste and try to make what we like.

-You are based in Berlin now, can you explain to me how and why you made this decision?
It happened around two years ago. right after we went to primavera sound festival,Spain, Barcelona. was actually first time playing outside of Korea, at Primavera. We really liked how differently reacted the audience, and started to think about moving out of Korea and do music in Europe. 2-3 month later the gig at Primavera, we were on an airplane to Berlin.  

-How would you describe your music?
We all think our music differently and all three of us has very different taste of music. I think this gives us something unique. we already knew that we are so different when we first met at uni and kinda agree that if we gonna do band, we gonna fight until the band is over. so guess our music is, a result of endless fight of three boys. 

-Are there any particular artists who influence your songwriting and your performances?
Too many. It's just too many really. 
And as mentioned upon, since we have so different taste, all member gets a lot of influence by many other artists. 

-You will soon be performing in Belgium on April 26th in Brussels and May 4th in ghent, have you already performed in Belgium?
No. its gonna be our first time playing in Belgium. and it is our first gig outside of Berlin after long winter. so we are very excited to visit!

-The Belgian public is recognized as being warm, do you have particular

There are always some surprises when we are on the road. Hope we find some good ones at Belgium :)

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