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The best way to know an artist is, not only listen his music, but also knows him to better understand his messages and his musics. MADE IN ASIA had the opportunity to interview a band of South Korea that YOU NEED TO KNOW:

Q 1. Can you present the band? Who are you?
Hello, We’re  SHIRTS BOY FRANK.  
We make Dream Pop/ Shoegaze music.  
We sing about loneliness, love, relationship and depressed emotion.  
And we released two EP albums that "The Chamber Only Left With Staled Bliss" and "Blooms". You can listen on Spotify or Applemusic etc.
Now we're working for our first LP Album. And playing live performance at Seoul. 

Member: Deok-Geun Ahn (Vocal/ Guitar)
          Tae-Jun Kim (Bass)
          Ha-Rim Choi (Drum/ Art Director)
          Jerry Hwang (Lead Guitar)

Q 2. Who is your biggest inspiration, an artist who influence you a lot?

     Ahn : To me, Frank Ocean, MBV, Slow Dive, Sigur Ros and Nirvana, Radiohead, Arca. And these days I usually listen Puma Blue’s music. And I always dig some new awesome artist.

     Kim : Primus -They taught me how to make my own color.  
          That's why I was able to move forward as a bassist, and they have a great influence on me.
    Choi: Gorillaz - Their perform and concepts are so special, and it gives to me a lot of inspiration.
     Hwang: I listen a lot of music. I try to listen every genre in the world. I got inspirations on every music that I listen, so there isn't single or few artist it has influenced me. I always try to find my own color and try something new.

Q 3. If you can describe the band in one word, which one is it?
     Ahn: As I think, Band for loners. Because I'm very lonely person,  
           although I have friends and family and lots of people who connect with me, but they can't understand and I can't show real me to them, so I think every person is lonely, cuz humans can't understand each other perfectly. So I wanna make comfort that loners (even me). So I think we are band for loners. 
   Kim: Anxiety-Our music that is always on the bordeline creates a storm of emotion for many people. We must always be anxious to create that emotional storm.  
   Choi: Beautiful noise! 
     Hwang: Dark Emotion - Our leader, Deok-geun. Deep inside of his voice, it has depression. If I listen to his voice carefully, I feel that I am surrounded by his negetive emotions and feeling. I try to find my guitar playing in his voice. I make my guitar lines to make Dukgun's voice more 'out of surface'. 

Q 4. How can you describe your music?
     Ahn: Our music is emotional. We sing for the loners, and heart broken people. We wanna touch their mind and we hope that our music can comfort them.  
    Kim: a storm of emotion at the height of beauty produced by countless sounds.
     Choi: Most honest music.
     Hwang: Scary and giant waves trying to eat you alive.

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