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SO MANY EGO, real name Jung Gyumin, is a young complete artist. Actor, painter and musician. By sharing his thoughts and his way of conceiving Art with us, we learned more about this artist as discrete as he is complete:


  • Could you present yourself and tell us a little bit more about you? 

My name is Jung Gyumin and I am a 23-year-old man born in 1997. I actually acting, making music and drawing. In addition to these three, I work in everything I need to help film, write, or be creative. At a glance, I'm just doing three things.


  • Which art form is more revealing for you, according to your personality?

It depends. Not all human beings live in one personality, and there is a self in every time, situation, and place. As if I was in the club and in the reading room, I also have a different appearance in each field and expose each art activity according to the timing I want. The exposure according to the art form will be decided by the accepting person, not by me. Gyumin Jung is an actor, but for someone else, I am not a musician, or not an artist. You can also say I'm just making art with all my heart. As a simple example, my appearance when playing a play that deals with the deep inside of human beings and my appearance when making party music in a studio are completely different, and those who watch my play will never imagine that I will make party music. I want to shake people's ideas and shock them, and show that everyone has different features and that our power is not limited.


  • What are you daily influences in the process of your art?

It makes you try to look at the world a little more creatively. And I listen to my inner side, not anyone's words, and make my art conscious of reaching someone. Because art is what I come in, I try to maintain a clean mind and a correct mind in everyday life.


  • Have doing art always been obvious to you? Did you have a sensitivity to this from an early age?

As a child, I thought my taste was strange and twisted, so I didn't tell my friends that I liked art until middle school. I liked drawing by myself, secretly writing lyrics, playing and drawing cartoons. When I was in junior high school, I invited a close friend to my house and showed Stanley Kubrick's “Clockwork Orange.” After watching the movie, my friend think about me differently. After I was told, I didn't tell anyone about my taste. However, I clearly knew that I would be the creator of something. 


After this rather complete presentation which pierces a little who he is and his character, let's talk a little more about his music and his artistic identity :


  • To talk about your music, how would you describe your musical identity?

There are several pieces of music currently being prepared. There are only a handful of people on the soundcloud! I am a lover of all kinds of music, from hip-hop to K-pop, Chicago's Drill music, techno, disco Korean forest, and Kim Gwang-suk. I also make music in many genres. As the name of SO MANY EGO, I will unfold several egos in my music. I will describe it as an attractive chameleon.


  • How do you implement this identity through your music?

My music always has concepts and stories and messages. In the process, you will see the identity of myself. In fact, I haven't shown anything to tell this story yet. I will show you in the future.


We actually come to better understand the musician he is, and what about his paintings then?

  • Your painting are very colorful and full of sense, can you choose one of them and explain us its creative process?

I usually draw objects and people around me in small notes. I often write, but in the process, ideas come to my mind and I quickly draw the ideas I think about in my notebook. Watching the painting for a few weeks, pondering which color to use and which composition is good, draw the picture in earnest and complete the work. Write my ideas all the time.


  • What is your influence for your painting ? 

Everything in this world affects my painting. Painting is the most social movement for me. There is no desire for success or a desire for money in painting. The purest work for me is drawing. That's why you can deliver the most provocative and unfiltered messages.


As said above, he is a real complete artist, in addition to painting and music, he is also an actor:

  • You are an actor too, how and why did your start acting?

I went to high school and media high school, and then I was on the film team. I accidentally acted and heard praise. I heard that I was talented, and naturally, time passed. Then, my mom had a restaurant, but a regular customer knew that the restaurant was a theater actor. My paintings were hung in my mom's shop, but the actor looked at the paintings and asked who drew, and my mom said that her son drew. At that time, the actor told her that it would be great if her son would act, and I wanted to act at the same time. (Really, this is a story based on facts. There is no exaggeration.) Since then, I have been acting all the time and have never wanted to quit. It's always difficult, interesting, troublesome, and growing me. I really want to do this for a long time. 


  • Do you prefer to play on stage or behind the screen?

I love directing, but it's so good to shed my acting in front of the camera on stage. 


  • Do you have a character style that you prefer to embody?

Not exactly. I want you to use me as a good material for a good story. I just want to get into a good story. 


And then we couldn't end this interesting interview without the famous ending question, without knowing what are his dearest wishes as an artist:


  • For the last question, we want to ask you your biggest wish for your artistic career ? 

I want to go on road where no one else has been to. Looking at the road, people wants to get hope. It's not a story limited to those who want to be an artist, but I want everyone like an ordinary office worker or athlete to see my challenge and feel that it is impossible. I bet my life and experiment with possibilities. We have been artists since we were born, but society has killed us. I'd like to keep what we are and tell us what we were like. If the repetition of ordinary daily life continues, emotions will die and the size of the thought pattern will also decrease. But what is the role of art? Isn't it a change of thought and an overthrow? I want to do that. I want to shock and change. I have a plan that is not a promise or an ambition, and I have the power to make it happen. In action, I'll prove what I have.






PS : In July, my mixtape “BORN JEWELRY” will be released. This is a mixtape that lets you hear and see your other self. Stay tuned for my debut! Thank you :).

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