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Tabber, artist under the you.will.knovv label, has been making a name for himself since the release, last August, of his mixtape “Deep End Mixtape”. We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about this same mixtape and the work beside it, but also about the artist he is and his musical universe: 

● Could you introduce yourself and describe yourself and your music in a few words?

Hello, this is Tabber. I make alternative music. I want to make people feel different genres, see different scenes and experience many things from my work, like Netflix

In your mixtape, different music genres were incorporated, which music genre is more revealing for you, according to your personality? Are there other things you want to explore with your music in the future?

Electronic. And yes, there are many other things I would love to explore. But I don’t want to tell my plans, I want to show my plans.

● What are your influences when it comes to music?

Film, photography, and architecture.

● How would you describe your musical identity? ​and how do you implement this identity through your songs?

Straightforward. I love straightforward ways of expression when it comes to lyrics, sound, harmony, artwork or anything that has to do with creativity.

● What is the main thing that you want to share through your music with your listeners?

Unique sound and the details. I pay careful attention to the sound.

On August 13, Tabber released his debut mix tape "Deep End Mixtape".  With the Title Track "Look At My", his vocal tone leaves a stunning impression to the listeners. The mix tape also marks Tabber's ability to switch between different genres. The Music Video for "Look At My" and "Like A Vampire", directed by Dean and Anton Reva, was released few days ago. 

● “Deep End Mixtape” is your first mixtape. How​ do you feel about it ?

I feel like I’m jumping off the deep end.

● What was the recording process like ?

I recorded everything myself at the you.will.knovv studio except one song “Runner’s High”. “Runner’s High” was made and recorded in LA 3-4 years ago and it ended up being the last track of “Deep End Mix Tape”.

● What is the vibe of this mixtape? How would you describe the universe in it?

I would say dystopia and fantasy movie vibes. Like Blade Runner 2049, Only Lovers Left Alive (2013), The Twilight series.

● What is your favorite song from this mixtape? Tell us why?

Right now, I would choose “Runner’s High”. Because that is the oldest song from the mixtape and I made it all by myself 3-4 years ago in LA. It has a special feeling for me.

● What is the meaning behind the title of your mixtape? How did this title come to you?

I felt like I’m jumping off the deep end, and I loved the word “deep end”. So I had to make it as the title. [Deep End Mix Tape]. The reason why I put space between mix and tape is I always love balance and contrast on everything. The number of the letter makes perfect balance, Deep(4)-End(3)-Mix(3)-Tape(4).

● You’ve done a lot of featurings with all these talented artists even before this mixtape and you work under “you.will.knovv”. Does this affect you and your creativity, and how ?

Every person around me affects my creativity in a positive way. They always find good points in my work and that helps me enough to keep going.

● How did you start making music? Was making music always an obvious choice for you?

I don’t remember how or when I started to make music. I’ve just always loved music, architecture, style, and art since I was a child. Music was the one I was into the most.

● Do you have any goals for your musical career?

I want to affect the whole world with my music and my taste. And I want to have a house with a bunker, then I want to build a city, even if it’s a really small one. That’s my dream and ultimate goal.


TABBER featured on some Korean artists like, Punchnello, Romderful or APRO. Recently he featured in "3AM Freestyle" with Dean and Kim Ximya.


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