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Yac Studio is a south korean and New York based brand. The brand has rapidly took a big place in south korea but internationally too. "people are poison" hoodies are their most popular piece. You can also find others pieces include the "bad influence" tee. MIA had the opportunity to ask some questions to Yac Studio's creative director, Khan:

- Who is behind YAC STUDIO?
This is Khan (@khanspirit) from South Korea, director of fashion brand Yac Studio, currently based in New York City. Started Yac Studio 1st of November 2016.

- Some words to define the brand?
A new age movement brand that defines our current generation. As it moves towards art, music, and attitude toward our society. We create outfit that freely speaks out minds of youth. Breaking barriers within ourselves and connecting with the world around.

- Where do you get your inspiration for your creations?
Everyday life in New York City is very first inspiration, walking on the street, meet creative people who is heavily chasing their dreams. Every graphics on the clothes has meanings. Some of them are interpreted in first sight, and others we give open chance to interpert. So many people still think street fashion is temporary and assumed that it is going to be disappear soon in the industry. However, what I have in mind is different. Not like other streetwear brands, We making clothes with best fabric, own developed patterns. Also never use left over fabrics but instead use new mill to create the perfect quality product. 

- Many Korean celebrities wears YAC STUDIO, how did you manage to make the name known?
I grew up in underground art, and music scenes in Seoul Korea, makes automatically share Fashion & Music people in our life. When we were at the beginning, no ones became celebrities yet, and we keep grind together, talked about our dreams, and chasing what we really want to do. So basically we are a friends.

- Does "YAC STUDIO" mean something?
So YAC stands for Young Artists Club, which is comes from idea saying “Every Child is an artists” by Pablo Picasso. Young artists club came from this as define every one of us are artist in our own life. And depends on how we work on our life, all different results come out, as an artists in this world.

- Can you tell me more about your two artistic projects "snowman" and "I GOT NO PAIN"? What is it exactly? What's the message wanting to be transmitted trough these projects?
So I always wanted to do something besides clothes, through the Yac Studio, I want to introduce and connect all talented artists all over the world by introducing our art projects. It can be visuals, music, or both. For example, I connect rap artists with emerging graphic artists in different countries, with clear concepts and visions. I don’t want to explain every single meanings of the projects, so it has open results for individual’s opinion.

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