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Born in 1994, Iri is a Japanese singer and composer. She was born in Zushi, in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Her musical career started in 2014, after winning “JAM”, some auditions organized by Sony Music and the magazine NYLON JAPAN.

Her first album “Groove it” was released in 2016. This album, which combined hip-hop and soul, was a great insight of the musical variety Iry has to offer. 

In 2018, she made her comeback with her second album, displaying hip-hop, with funk and pop tones. She also brought out her EP “Only One”, for which the MV was shot on the streets of Paris. The song even became the theme song for the fashion school Kokusai Fashion Senmon Shoku Daigaku, opened in 2019.

To build upon her progress, her album “Shade” was released, including the songs from the EP “Only One” in a once-again perfect mix of funk-pop and hip-hop.

In March, Iri released her new album “Sparkle”, showing, as always, an incredible diversity. Several Japanese artists were featured on this album, hence the variety of genres.

The song titled “Sparkle”, in the eponymous album, also features an official music video.

If there’s something special to remember about Iri, it would definitely be the diversity of genres she is able to work with. All in all, she is a talented singer, filled with creativity, who knows how to constantly renew her work.

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