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JOEGUSH is a South Korean brand, which defines itself as a "remake brand". Specialized in assembling and remaking clothes, JOEGUSH is becoming a hot topic.

JOEGUSH's creations are in fact made from various fabrics and materials put together, like paint, redefining entirely the codes of fashion. Putting together different patterns which have nothing in common to start with, is what defines this brand. With originality as their strong point, many South Korean celebrities wear the brand's creations.

The brand recently revealed its 2020 Spring-Summer collection :

After exploring patchwork techniques with its 2019 Autumn-Winter collection, JOEGUSH is back with experimental Punk-tinged pieces, for it's 2020 Spring-Summer "ELECTRIC WALTZ" collection. This one defines the combination of the frenetic electro-music of the 21st century and the classic waltz movement.

The collection is built on the concept of juxtaposition, and it's name is inspired by Jimi Hendrix's 1969 album, Electric Waltz.

It offers emblematic elements from the 60s,: an already iconic "MASOCHIST UNIVERSITY" crewneck t-shirt, reflective t-shirts and pants, etc,. A dream for the dedicated fans of the brand and it's originality.

JOEGUSH + SS 2020  " ELECTRIC WALTZ ": Dernières actus
JOEGUSH + SS 2020  " ELECTRIC WALTZ ": Pro Gallery


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JOEGUSH + SS 2020  " ELECTRIC WALTZ ": L'équipe
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