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Mad world  is a 2016 Hong Kong drama film directed by Wong Chun. Talking about Tung, a former financal analyst, who struggled with bipolar disorder. After being dismissed from the mental health institution where he was, he's place in the little «appartment» of his, truck driver, father who had a long been absence from home when Tung took care of his mother.
Both of them need to learn about each others and learn how to live with each other. 

This humanist drama show the reality of mental disorder can have to your life and to the life of your family. In a place where the mental heath help is not that huge and where nobody talk openly about that,  this film avant-garde tries to cram the ills of Hong Kong urban life and tries to made a point on a real issue.

Touching with a good cast, this drama film is a brave film.

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CEO, Leader's team, head of public relations & journalist

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