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Mr Ogay is a street artist from Taiwan. He considers himself as an angry young man, yet full of love. His artistic signature, graffiti, is mainly represented through naked men. Since his early days of painting graffitis in 2000, he has become the most accused street artist. His works can be spotted all over Taiwan.

As a matter-of-fact, his works are his own reality and his direct criticism of Taiwanese society. He pleads respect towards one another through his paintings and uses ugliness as his artistic voice, which results in his own very personal style.

His works are also driven by the inner essence of humanity, with the re-interpretation of social systems as well as the relationship between human beings and the environment, in today’s society.

Mr Ogay uses a language full of colors, which generally makes people happy, despite the fact that he depicts an “ugly and mean” world in his graffitis. Viewers must often look at his work twice in order to understand its meaning, so overwhelmed our eyes first are by those vibrant colors. 

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