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Marvin is South Korean singer and songwriter, he discovered his love for music relatively early and was influenced by his father, who was already a musician: “After doing nothing special during school, I found out that I like music and have talent. Maybe I was influenced by my father who did music. After that, I majored in music in university and came here until now.”

It was when he started singing that he realized his love for writing and that he really wanted to write songs about himself and his story: “At first, I only sang songs. And then suddenly I wanted to write a song with my story. That’s when I started writing and composing songs. I had thought that I wanted to only sing since I was young, but it was after a long time that I wanted to make music.”

Marvin then confided to us that he had difficulties in the past that put him on the ropes and prevented him from achieving his goal as he would have liked: “I think there have been few cases where my experiences have not been helpful. Even if it wasn’t related to music, I think it was a chance for me to have various thoughts in my life. The only regret was that I did many things to pay for my living, and I wanted to focus more on music during that time.”

As family members may sometimes object to a musical career, he also told us that for him, his parents were relatively understanding and he felt lucky in that regard: “At first, my parents wanted me to have a more stable job.  But they finally realized that I love music so much, so they are cheering for me now.”

His musical style, varied and sweet, takes us easily into his universe. His touching and honest words also reflect his life and his world. Then, we asked him how he would describe his work, his musical universe and what could differentiate him from other artists: “There are many genres that I like and it’s hard to conclude that the music I make is a particular genre. If I have to choose one, I think it’s closest to pop.... The mood, that’s what could set me apart. Of course, I also pay attention to the lyrics and melody, but I focus more on creating a mood that can deliver my message entirely well.”

We also asked him for his opinion on the potential difficulties that arise during a musical carrier. Is it more difficult to make a name for yourself in the music world, depending on where you come from? Seeming optimistic, Marvin then told us “Of course, there are many difficulties in the art field to become a stable artist. If you have a huge desire to do it, and if you work hard to make good works, I’m sure people will recognize you wherever you come from.”

Marvin also loves cinema very much and told us he spends a lot of time to watching movies when he doesn’t make music: “I like to watch various media through Youtube or Netflix. And when I’m not busy, I try not to miss out the new movies too.”



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