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It was in summer 2011 that the OSIXTWO movement was founded. Twelvey and Jinwon, the two creators of OSIXTWO, wanted to create an image for the hip-hop scene of their hometown, Gwangju.

Since hip-hop culture and the resulting musical style are misunderstood, their objective was to put this culture forward on the Gwangju map and encourage the sharing of different talents. 


But why “OSIXTWO”? What does it mean? 


Before OSIXTWO, hip-hop music was very little, if not at all, performed in Gwangju and artists had to move to big cities like Seoul or Busan to seek recognition in the community. OSIXTWO actually comes from the Gwangju area code “062”. The two creators of the movement thought that the best way to create an image of the hip-hop scene in Gwangju was to use its area code by stylizing it in capital letters and in English. 


OSIXTWO have therefore started to set up a line of clothing such as caps, hoodies, backpacks, t-shirts, etc. with their name. Little by little, using social networks, word of mouth and various collaborations, the movement then began to get some recognition.


Now, the movement is enjoying a growing community of several artists and rappers like Rovxe, Moolso, PePe, Rico, EGLAF, Buggy, Jellvako, Unsikable (from the Balming Tiger collective), or even the famous rapper Ugly Duck (signed under AOMG).


OSIXTWO - MungungMujin Compilation album:


On May 18, the collective released a compilation album called “MungungMujin”.

The meaning of this title is a combination of the word “Mungung” which means eternal and the original name of the city of Gwangju “Mujin”. The two assembled words “MungungMunji” mean “infinite and boundless”.




  1. One Shot (feat. Rovxe)

  2. Bing

  3. Kiss

  4. Jakdang Interlude

  5. Reflect

  6. Let It Be

  7. Pace

  8. I Just Wanna Know


An album perfectly representing the different styles of the collective, //at times with some trap tones, sometimes old school and even a bit// of electronic or r&b / soul . A quality album that lives up to its diversity and its purpose, straight from the city of Gwangju. 


Founder, head of public relations, leader's team

& copywriter


Editor & translator

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