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The Rose is a South Korean band, they debuted on december 2017. Composed of four members, Woosung, Dojoon, Jaehyeong and Hajoon. A successful band, they have been playing hits for two years and reach a large audience, from young to less young. They were in Brussels on Sunday, November 17th, for the second time in Belgium, at La Madeleine. MIA had the opportunity to attend the concert to give you the best of this night.

A lot of fans, the youngest for the most part, were present in front of the venue in the morning in order to have the best possible place.
The tickets ranged from 135 euros (the VIP ticket which included the Hi Touch session at the end of the concert with the members) and 52 euros for the general admission.
And for the lucky ones a Q&A event "Rose Garden" was organized before the concert. At the price of 300 euros, fans were entitled to a Q&A session with the group, a photo with the four members, the merchandise of the tour, a personalized autograph and a priority entry for the concert.

The doors were opened at 7pm and the concert started at 8pm. During the wait, the atmosphere rose in the venue and the fans grew impatient. Songs and screams could be heard, as the famous "Waar is de Feestje, Hier is de Feestje" ("Where the party is, here is the party", typical Belgian singing, often sung during a football match or concert) , or the famous song "popolopopo" as well sung in Paris as in Brussels and which gives directly a warm atmosphere to the venue.
The closer the concert hour drew, the more the venue vibrated with feet on the ground and shouting. Fans called the band "THE ROSE THE ROSE THE ROSE!"

The lights went out and the beginning of the concert started. The band started their show with their song "ILY", a hymn to love. Always so scrambling, the public welcomed their idols in the Belgian way, the atmosphere was at the rendezvous, the happiness and the joy was read on the faces, as well as sometimes tears (of joy of course).

During the concert, Woosung, Leader of the group, spoke about the strong bond that the band has towards Brussels. Indeed, during their previous tour, which was actually their first world tour, Brussels was the first city and therefore the very first city of their very first world tour.

The band has also picked up three songs by three great artists, including Hollywood Bleeding by Post Malone, Breakeven by The Script, and Hey Jude By The Beatles.

Each member then performed solo, to the delight of the fans and in a moment of intense emotions.

Dojoon then began, for an acoustic session, with The River by James Bay, Hajoon and Jaehyeong followed, with the guitar, they performed Soldier by Before You Exit.

Then came the turn of the leader, Woosung, who played two of his songs, MOON and FACE. The atmosphere was powerful, he has even descended twice from the scene to visit the audience, to the delight of fans. The concert continued and the group had a gift for their fans, polaroid photos of each member, each of them took two numbers, the luckiest fans were then able to receive a polaroid photo of their idols.

The concert ended in emotion with their titles, SORRY and RED.

Members then promised to come back soon and before leaving, Jaehyeong said "see you next year!".
Fans gaving them so much love and suddenly began powerful song "WE LOVE YOU" and "WE ROSE YOU" touching the four artists.

For the fans who bought a VIP ticket, a Hi Touch session was scheduled at the end of the concert with the band. For the rest of the audience, the concert ended on this sweet note leaving the eyes of the fans wet and amazed.

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