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"Us and Them" is a Chinese romantic drama directed by Taiwanese actress and singer Rene Liu and produced by Zhang Yibai.

Filmed between the past and the present, the subordination of black and white and colors makes it possible to differentiate time. Black and white is used when the film plunges us into the present. The colors speak to us of the past.

For the Chinese New Year, two strangers meet during the train trip to their hometown. It is then that a strong and passionate friendship is born between the two protagonists before being born a sincere and deep love.

Cradled by a crazy romanticism all along, the story is fascinating without being «fleur blueu»
The love is passionate without being overplayed, this romantic drama is a work plunging us into the beauty and at the same time the difficulty that the love relationships entail.

US AND THEM: Les dernières actualités


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